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Welcome to Shab Al Malaky

25+ years of experiences for give you better results.

We are the (Shab Al-Malaky) company that was established in the year (2012) and we work in multiple areas in the market and we are working hard to provide high quality materials suitable for the market requirements. We have concluded contracts with luxury companies with healthy products and high nutritional value.

We have four main branches in Erbil, Duhok, Baghdad as well as branches in the United Arab Emirates.

Our Focus Business

Our food products of Rice, Tea, Soft drinks and Ice Coffee are rich in definition and tested by our consumers, which led to our 2encouragement and motivation to expand our companies to other regions to cover the demands of our consumers.

Our Goals

Providing products with high nutritional value, taking into consideration saving effort and time for our valued customers, providing authentic and multiple choices of food products with confidence for a healthy life.

Our Vision

Is to provide products to be consumed safely around the world, produce according to global standards with our quality and service approach, compete in global markets with our brand, and increase our market share.


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Development 100%
Design 100%
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Great Technology

We are working with peak of the food business, and our partners owing high standard of certificates and qualifications.

Best Branding

Our main target to provide good services from around the world top brands.


Delivery On Time

Our Company logistic will trained to deliver the services to the elite customers on the time, according to the GDP

Certified Engineers

Our company structure having the best qualified and certified teams, always committed to the Innovations, familiar with updated scientifically research, marketing, and sales

Our Team

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