Planning for our partners’ success.
Shab Al-Malaky do our best to provide valuable most of our partners in managing their sales and marketing activities. We have a great marketing team whom they did good achievements in bringing a great deal of the products expertise and local knowledge to help our partners for achieving their business objectives in the region. 

Sales & Distribution

 The main aim in our Sales and Distribution is that to deliver excellence through the effective execution of the technical marketing plans. We tried to use the best and experienced sales force delivers planned sales through the effective execution of each strategic marketing plan. 

Regulatory Affairs

For Protecting the public, we must protect the brand.
Consternating on regulatory affairs which constitute an important role in the business scope.
The dedicated Regulatory Affairs Department is undertaking the responsibility of complying with the Ministry’s regulatory requirements, in addition to that, assisting our partners to prepare all the documents required for registration and taking into consideration to fulfil our partners’ objectives by ensuring timely approvals. Our Regulatory Team brings a wealth of regional knowledge and industry expertise to ensure that our partners’ products meet all the updated registration guidelines. 

Warehousing and Distribution Network

  • Facility that meet international standards.
  • Fully equipped offices to meet the international safety and storage condition.
  • Several Warehouses tolerate a total storage Capacity of 5,000 m3.
  • Refrigerated Space Area with storage Capacity of 600 m3.
  • Refrigerated Trucks, distribute the products from our main stores to warehouses.

Our fleet of vans and dedicated delivery team cater to more than 50 stores, across Erbil and throughout, executing orders in a customer-focused manner through an automated delivery monitoring system to monitor and analyze the distribution efficiency.
Our cold storage facility supports the import and export of healthcare products requiring a storage temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.
Our facilities are staffed with on-site quality assurance and regulatory compliance employees that are regularly trained to maintain quality customer service.


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